Conditions of use of Altibase Co.,Ltd.

Article 1 (Purpose)

The clause aims to enact rights between a company and member, obligation and responsibilities, other necessary particulars with reference to use of all service related to customer support service portal of homepage(, portal (, and education (, that Altibase Co.,Ltd.(hereinafter referred as Company) provides, education center and Altibase.

Article 2 (Definition)

The definition of a term in the clause is as in the following.
1. "Service" means all service related to homepage, customer support service portal and education center that the member can use regardless of the terminal that is implemented(including various cable and wireless apparatuses such as PC, TV, Portable terminal)
2. "Member" means the customer who accesses to company's "service", makes Using Contract with a "company" in accordance with the clause and uses the "service" that the company provides.
3. "ID" means combinations of letters and numbers that the company approves and the member decides for identification of the "member" and "service" use
4. "Password" confirms the "member" who matches with ID that the member is given and means combinations of letters or numbers that the member oneself decides for the password.
5. "The posts" mean writing of information type such as sign, letter, voice, sound, image, video, etc., pictures, videos, various files and links for the member's service use.

Article 3 (Notice of clauses and Revision)

1. "The company" shall post up the contents of the clause, name of company and representative, location of place of business(including an address where one can handle customers' dissatisfaction), telephone, number of document facsimile, e-mail address, business registration number, report number of mail-order business, person in charge of personal information management, etc. to make the customers know easily in the start-up screen of service. But the contents of the clause shall be seen through connection screen for the users
2. "The company" shall revise the clause in the sphere that doesn't violate relation laws such as "Regulation of Standardized Contracts Act", "Laws related to Consumer Protection in e-commerce, etc.", "Digital Signature Act", "Laws related to Information Network Use Promotion & Information Protection(hereinafter referred as Method of Information Network System), etc.
3. "The company" shall provide separate connection screens or pop-up screens to make the users understand the important contents such as the withdrawal of application, refund conditions, etc. in the contents that are determined in the clause before the members agree to the clause and seek the users' confirmation.
4. In case "the company" revises clauses, the company shall announce until the date of application from 30days, the date of application of the revision clause in accordance with the method of Clause 1 with current clauses specifying the date of application and revision reasons. But in case of revision of the clause unfavorable to the members, the company shall notify clearly and separately through electronic methods such as e-mail, electronic notes in service of a certain period and agreement screen when logging except for announcement.
5. In case "the member" doesn't agree to application of revision clauses, the company can't apply contents of revision clauses, in case like this, the member can cancel "Using Contract". But in case of there are special circumstances that existing clauses can't be applied, the company can cancel "Using Contract".
6. Matters that are not determined in the clause and things about interpretation of the clause shall follow "Laws related to Consumer Protection in e-commerce, etc.", "Regulation of Standardized Contracts Act" and "Consumer Protection Guidelines in E-commerce, Etc. & Relevant Act and Subordinate Statue that Fair Trade Commission decides" or commercial practices.

Article 4 (Conclusion of using contract)

1. Using contract is concluded after the person who wants to be a member(hereinafter referred as "applicant for membership") agrees to the contents of the clauses, signs up for a membership and "the company" approves the application.
2. Make it a rule for "the company" to approve "service" use about application of "applicant for membership". But "the company" needs not to approve relevant applications of the following numbers and can cancel beforehand Using Contract.
1) In case the applicant lost qualifications for membership before by the clause, but the case that the applicant gained approval of membership reentrance of the company shall be an exception.
2) In case of using other people's names not real name
3) In case of writing a false tip or not writing contents that "the company" presents
4) In case of approval is impossible by causes of the user and applying violating other prescribed all matters
5) In case "the company" judges that there are technical marked difficulties to register other members
3. "The company" can request real name authentification and person authentification through specialized institution in accordance with type of the "Member"
4. "The company" can postpone approval in case of there are technical or business problems and the company is pressed for facilities related to service.
5. In case the application for membership is not approved or postponed in accordance with Clause 2 Clause, "the company" shall inform as a rule to the applicant
6. The period of Using Contract shall be the time that "the company" marked in application procedures for subscription completion
7. "The company" shall divide by grade in accordance with company policy about "the member" and can grade for use subdividing service menu, etc.

Article 5(Change of membership information)

1. "The member" can look and modify personal information anytime through personal information management screen. But real name, ID, etc. that are necessary for service management are impossible to modify.
2. In case the written matters are changed when applying for membership, "the member" shall inform the changed matters to "the company" with other methods such as modifying by on-line or e-mail.
3. "The company" has no responsibilities about disadvantage that occurs by not informing the changed matters of Clause 2 to "the company"

Article 6 (Obligation of privacy protection)

"The company" shall try to protect personal information of "the member" as provided by the related Act such as "Method of Information Network System".
Relevant laws and treatment policy of person information are applied for protection of person information and use. But, the treatment policy of personal information of "the company" is not applied in the site that is linked except for the official web site of "the company".

Article 7 (Obligation about management of "member's ID and password")

1. "The member" has management responsibilities about "ID" and "Password" of "the member". A third party shall not use it.
2. In case there are concerns about the leaking of private information, "ID" of "the member" is antisocial or is dislocated in beautiful and fine custom and there are concerns to mistake it for "the company" or operator of "the company", use of the relevant ID can be limited.
3. In case "the member" recognizes that "ID" and "Password" are appropriated or the third party has been using, "the member" shall notify immediately it to "the company" and follow “the company’s” lead.
4. "The company" has no responsibilities about disadvantage that occurs by not following “the company’s” lead even thought it is notified or not informing the facts to "the company" in case of Clause 3.

Article 8 (Notification about "member")

1. In case "the company" informs about "the member", "the company" can use e-mail within the service not otherwise specified in the clause.
2. In case of notification about the whole "members", "the company" can substitute in notification of Clause 1 as posting up on the bulletin board of "the company" for more than 7 days.

Article 9 (Obligation of "company")

1. "The company" doesn't do act that goes against beautiful and fine custom and the relevant laws and the clause prohibit and tries to do one's most to provide continuously and stably "service".
2. "The company" shall have security systems for protection of person information(including credit information) to make "the customers" use service safely, announce officially and keep treatment policy of personal information.
3. In case "the company" admits that proposed opinions and dissatisfaction from "the member" are right, "the company" shall treat it. "The company" shall convey treatment process and results through e-mail or applying the bulletin board about proposed opinions and dissatisfaction from "the member".

Article 10 (Obligation of "member")
1. "The member" doesn't do the following acts
1) Registration of false contents when applying or changing
2) Another's information appropriation
3) Change of information that "the company" posted up
4) Transmission such as information (computer program, etc.) besides information the "the company" decided
5) Invasion about intellectual property right such as copyrights of "the company" and the third party
6) Acts that interrupt work or bring disgrace on "the company" & the third party
7) Acts that reveal information that goes against obscenity or violent message, image, voice, other good public order and customs to "the service" or post up
8) Acts that use "the service" for the purpose of profit without consent of the company
9) Other illegal or unfair acts
2. "The member" shall keep notices that are notified with reference to the relevant act, the regulation of the clause, information and "the service" and not do acts that get in the way of other "companies' businesses".

Article 11 (Provision of "service" and so on)

1. The company shall provide the following services to the member.
1) Pay service is as in the following.
1-1) Textbooks related to online lectures and general lectures
1-2) Other education information services except for that
2) Services besides pay service
2-1) Service of service request (Only member who has qualification that "the company" acknowledges is available)
2-2) Service that the type is the bulletin board (Only member who has qualification that "the company" acknowledges is available)
2-3) The whole service that is provided to "the member" through cooperation contracts with other companies or other companies' additional developments
2. Make it a rule for service that is always open and 24hours a day to provide
3. "In case of that there are maintenance inspections of information communication facilities such as computers, replacement & failure, loss of communication or operational considerable reasons, "the company" can cease temporarily the provision of "the service".
4. In this case, "the company" shall notify "the member" by the method that is determined in Article 8[Notification about "member"]. But in case there are unavoidable circumstances that "the company" can't notify beforehand, the company can notify it later. In case of need in the provision of the service, "the company" can carry out a regular inspection and the regular inspection shall follow the things that are notified in the service provision screen.

Article 12 (Change of “service”)

1. "Company" may change the entire of part of the “service” which is being provided according to the necessities for management and technology when there is a valid reason.
2. When there are things to change regarding the content, using method, and using time of the "service", reasons of change, along with content and provided date of service to be changed shall be posted in beginning scene of the belonging service before the change of the time.
3. "Company” may revise, stop, and change due to policy and management of entire pr part of the service which is provided for free, along with not compensating to “members” separately as long as there are no separate regulations in related law.

Article 13 (Purchase application)

1. The user of “service” shall request the purchase in website through below method or similar method and the “service” shall be provided in a way in which user understands the below content in an easy way when requesting the purchase. However, if the user is a member, the application from number 2 to number 4 may be exempted.
1) Searching and choosing “service”
2) Entering the name, address, telephone number, e-mail address (or cell phone number) etc.
3) Checking the content of clause and content related to bearing expense for service in which the cancellation of subscription is limited.
4) Agreeing to this provision and checking or refusing to check the content of above number 3 (example, clicking the mouse)
5) Agreeing on request of purchase and its confirmation for “service”, along with confirmation by the “Company“
6) Choosing the payment method

Article 14 (Conclusion of contract)

1. “Company” may not approve the request of purchase which is similar as the Article 13 if below numbers are applied. However, when concluding a contract with a minor, the content that the minor him or herself or the legal attorney may cancel the contract when the agreement from the legal attorney was not received.
1) When there are false contents, omitted content, and error
2) When the minor purchases the “service” that the Juvenile Protection Act prohibits
3) when the judgment is made that the approving request of purchase will affect badly due to technology of the “Company”
2. The contract has been viewed as being concluded when the approval of the “Company” reaches the “member” through form of receiving confirmation based on Article 16 Section 1.
3. The information about confirming the request of purchase by the “member”, possibility of purchase, and correctioncancellation of request for purchase etc. shall be included in approval mark of the “Company“.

Article 15 (Payment method)

The payment method toward “service” in which the “Company“ has purchased may use the method in below numbers. However, the “Company” may not collect any kind of commission fee for payment such as goods regarding the payment method of the user.
1. All kinds of account transfer for phone banking, Internet banking, and e-mail banking etc.
2. All kinds of card payment such as advance payment card, debit card, and credit card etc.
3. Deposit of online non bankbook
4. Payment through electronic cash
5. Paying the deposit when receiving the deposit
6. Payment through the point that the “Company” provides such as mileage etc.
7. Payment through a contract with the “Company” or the certificate in which the “Company” has recognized
8. Submitting the payment through other electronic payment method

Article 16(Change of receipt confirmation notification, purchase application, and cancellation)

1. The “Company” shall notify the confirmation of receiving when the member makes a request for purchase.
2. The member who has received the notification of confirming the receiving may demand the change of purchase request and cancellation when there are disagreements in communication. However, if the deposit was already paid, it shall follow the regulation about cancellation of subscription for Article 19.

Article 17(Provision of “service”)

1. The “Company” shall take other necessary procedures such as providing the “service” within 7 days of subscription by the user if there is no other separate contract about providing period of goods with the user. However, when the “Company” has received the entire or part of the payment regarding “service”, the step shall be taken within 2 business days from the day of receiving the entire or part of the payment. At this time, the “Company shall take proper steps to enable user to check the supply and the progress of procedure for users for “service”.
2. The “Company” shall state clearly about service use period regarding the “service” that the user has purchased. If the “Company” has broke the using period of subscription, it shall compensate the loss of the member due to this. However, when it is certified that the “Company” has no willful negligencemistake, the refund shall not be made.

Article 18(Refund)

When the “Company” cannot provide the “service” that the member has requested for purchase, the reason shall be notified to the member without delay and in the case of receiving the payment for “service” etc. in an advance, it shall be funded within 2 business days of receiving the payment or taking a step which is necessary for the refund.

Article 19 (Course cancellation change & refund such as the withdrawal of application)

1. The refund for the lecture shall be done within 10 days of the approval and the refund is possible only if a lecture below 1 was taken excluding the sampling lecture.
2. When changing the lecture which is being taken to the other lecture, it shall be notified within 10 days from the date when the approval was made, along with being able to change the lecture only when a lecture below 1 was taken excluding the sampling lecture.
3. The refund for offline lectures shall be done before the end of education and for until the end of the education, it is possible to receive refund for entire paid lecture fee, along with for before completion of 1/3rd of lecture, it is possible to receive refund for 2/3rd of paid lecture fee, and for before completion of 1/2th of lecture, it is possible to receive refund for 1/2th of paid lecture fee.
4. The offline lecture which is being taken is possible to change to other lecture during period of education.
5. When the Company cannot continue the service due to unavoidable reason when using the charged service, the belonging amount shall be refunded to the bank account that the members nominated.
6. The “Company” shall request to cancel or stop the refund charge of “service” as a business person who has provided the method of payment in this year without delay payment such as goods etc. was made through payment methods such as credit card or electronic ash by the user when refunding the above payment.
7. The “Company” does not charge the cancellation fee or compensation for the loss as a reason to cancel the contract. However, when the cancellation of the subscription is done because the content of “service” is different from the marking content of advertisement content of the advertisement or conducted differently from the content of contract, the cost which is required for the refund of goods etc. shall be paid by the “Company”.“
8. The user may cancel the subscription within 30 days from receiving the “service” within 3 months of finding out the fact when the content of “service” is different from the markedadvertised content or conducted differently from the contract.

Article 20 (Provision of information and publication of advertisement)

1. The "Company" may provide the various information which is recognized as being necessary for using the “service” through methods of notification or e-mail. However, the “member” may deny the receiving request for e-mail anytime excluding the reply of the information related to the trading and an inquiry to the customer according to the related law.
2. When trying to send the information of number 1 through the telephone or transmission tool, it shall be done by receiving the agreement from the “member” in an advance. However, it is exempted regarding the reply about trading related information of the “member” or the inquiry made by the customer.
3. The "Company" may post the advertisement on the screen of the service , website, portal of client support service, education center, and e-mail etc. related to the management of “service”. The “member” who has received the –mail with the advertisement may refuse to receive these from the “Company”.
4. The "user (member, includes the non-member)" shall not take steps of changing, revising, or limiting the thread or other information in which the service that the Company provides.

Article 21 (Copyright of the “posts”)

1. "The copy right of the “notice” that the “member” has written within the “service” belongs to the writer of the belonging thread.
2. The “thread” in which the "member" posts within the “service” may be exposed to the search result, “service”, and related promotion, along with having a possibility of being revised, copied, and edited within the necessary range for the exposure. In this case, the Company shall obey the regulation of the copyright law and the “member” may delete, exclude from the search result, or close the belonging thread anytime through customer center or management function within “service”.
3. The "Company" shall receive the agreement from the “member” in an advance through phone, fax, and e-mail when desiring to use the “post“ of the member in method other than number 2.

Article 22 (Management of the "posts")

1. When the "post" of the "member" includes the content which violates the "Information and Communication Network Law” and “copyright law”, the administrator may request the stop and delete of a post for belonging “post” and the “Company shall take a step according to the related law.
2. The “Company" may take the temporary procedure about the belonging “post” according to the related law even if there is no request from the administrator following the previous Article if there is a reason to be recognized as violating the right or violating the other policy of the Company or related law.
3. The detailed procedure in this Article shall follow the “service of requesting to stop the post”, which is decided by the “Company” within a range which is regulated by "Information and Communication Network Law" and "copyright law".
- Requesting to stop the post :
> Website ( :
> Customer Support Service Portal:
> Education Center ( :

Article 23 (Reversion of right)

1. The copy right and intellectual property right about the "service" belongs to the “Company”. However, the literary work which is provided according to the “post” of the “member” and allied contract.
2. The "Company" only gives the using right in order to use the account, “ID”, and “content” etc. of the account which follows the using condition related to the service that the “Company” decides to the “member” and the “member” cannot conduct acts of disposal such as transferring, selling, and providing the security.

Article 24 (Cancellation and revocation of the contract and so on)

1. "Member" may request to cancel the using contract through menu of the individual information management and the “Company” shall take care of it immediately according to the related law.
2. When the "member" cancels the contract, all date of the “member” is gone immediately after the cancellation excluding the case of the Company obtaining the information of the member according to the related law and policy of handling the personal information. However, the content of trading may be preserved for certain period according to regulation of related law such as laws about protecting customers such as Commercial Law and Electronic Commerce Law.
3. When the "member" cancels this contract, the entire registered post which is registered in the account of the belonging member from, the “post” written by the “member” gets deleted. However, since the “post” which is re-posted by scrapping and collecting from others or registered in the communal board does not get deleted, please withdraw after deleting these “posts” in an advance.

Article 25 (Limit of use)

1. The "Company" may limit the use of the “service” by stages through warning, temporary stop, and permanent stop of using when the “member” violates the duty or disrupts the normal management of the “service”.
2. The "Company" may stop the permanent use of the account immediately when the “member” has related the related law by doing illegal communication, hacking, distributing the virus program, and exceeding the access right etc., which violates the “Information and Communication Network Law”, along with using the other name illegally, providing the illegal program and disturbing the management, which violates the “copyright law” and “Protection of Computer Program Law” despite taking an action in the previous Article.
3. The "Company" may limit the use of the account of “member” to protect the information of the member and effectiveness of the management when the “member” does not log in for at least 3 months.
4. The "Company" follows the decision of the management policy per individual service within the range of usage limit of this Article for condition of limit and detailed contents.
5. In the case of limiting the use of the “service” according to this Article or cancelling the contract by following this Article the “Company shall notify this according to the Article 8 [Notification about Member].
6. The "member" may request the objection according to the policy that the “Company” has decided regarding the limit of usage which follows this Article. When the “Company” recognizes that the objection is justified, the “Company” shall resume the use of “service” immediately.

Article 26 (Limitation on liability)

1. The "Company" is exempted from the responsibility of providing the “service” when not being able to provide the “service” due to natural disaster or irresistible thing which applies to this Article.
2. The "Company" does not take the responsibility regarding the obstacle of using the “service” due to blame attributable reason of the “member”.
3. The "Company" does not take the responsibility for dependability and accuracy of the posted information, data, and truth which is related to the service”, which is posted by the “member”.
4. The "Company" is exempted from the responsibility for trading among ”members” or between the “member” and third person while having a “service” as a relationship among one another.
5. The "Company" does not take the responsibility for things related to the use of service which is provided for free as long as there are no special regulations in the related law.

Article 27 (Governing Law & judicial jurisdiction)

1. The legal suit which is brought up between the “Company” and “member” shall follow the governing law of Korean law.
2. The legal suit about the dispute between the "Company" and "member" shall be sued to the competent court for civil law proceedings. Supplementary provision
1) This provision will apply starting from the August 01, 2012.
2) Minimum condition of taking lecture (it is limited to the Education Center (
2-1) At least Pentium 4™ 2.0GHz PC (personal computer, individual computer) for processing tools of central specification, main memory of 512MB, at least 1024 pixel for width and at least 768 pixel for the height of resolution of the monitor screen (Applying the width and height length individually)
2-2) At least Microsoft™ Internet Explorer 6.0 (However, the Internet Explorer 8.0 may be unstable)
2-3) At least Windows Media Player™ 9.0
2-4) Using tool bar etc. on the Internet Explorer is not recommended.
2-5) Even if the contents above fit, the normal issue of the lecture is impossible if the error occurs due to infection of the virus or malignant code.

I Agree to the "Conditions of use Established by Altibase Co.,Ltd." described above

Handling Policy of the personal information of Altibase Co., Ltd

Handling Policy of the personal information of Altibase Co., Ltd

1. Items which will be collected and method of collecting personal information

A. Items of personal information which will be collected

First, the Company is collecting the minimum personal information as necessary article during the first time of registering the membership for membership registration, smooth consultation to customers, and providing all kinds of services.
<Normal member registration >
- Name, gender, ID, password, position, department, company, nationality, contact number (address, e-mail address, telephone number)
<Normal registration of membership for foreigners >
- Name, gender, ID, password, position, department, company, nationality, contact number (address, e-mail address, telephone number)

Second, below information may be collected by being created automatically in process of using the service or taking care of the business.
-IP Address, cookie, date of visiting, using record of service, record of poor usage

Third, the information stated below may be collected only for a user of belonging service in process of using the additional service by using the ID from the Altibase or customized service when applying toward the event.
- When receiving the agreement for additional collection of the personal information

B. Method of collecting the personal information

The Company shall collect personal information through below methods.
- Website of the Altibase (website, portal of customer support service, education center), telephone, consulting board, e-mail, applying toward the event)
- Providing from cooperating companies
- Collection through the collection tool of information collection

2. Purpose of collecting and using the personal information

A. Conducting the contract and calculating the fee according to service providing
Conducting the contract about providing service and calculating the fee according to service (limits to the education center), providing contents, consulting about service and registration
B. Managing members
Using the membership system service and checking the identification according to the limited identification system, personal identification, preventing the unfair use and unauthorized use by the poor member (a member who was stopped permanently by canceling the contract according to Stopping the Permanent Use from the Article 25 Section 1 and Article 2 of using contract of Altibase), checking a will to register, limiting the number of registration, checking the approval of legal attorney when collecting the personal information of child who is below 14 years old, checking the identification of legal attorney in the future, preserving the record for dispute of meditation, taking care of complaints, sending the notification, and checking the will to withdraw the membership
C. Developing the new service and using it toward advertisement and marketing
Developing the new service and providing the customized service, providing the service and advertising according to the statistical characteristics, checking the effectiveness of service, providing information about advertisement and event, along with an opportunity to participate, understanding the frequency of accessing, statistics about service use of the member

3. Sharing and providing the personal information

The Company shall use the personal information of users within the notified range in “2. Purpose of using and collecting personal information” and it is not used while exceeding the same rage of revealing the personal information of the user without an advanced agreement of the user. However, below contents shall be exempted.
- When users have agreed to reveal the information in advance
- When there is a demand by the investigating institute according to the procedure and method decided by the law enforcement with a purpose of investigating or based on the regulation of law enforcement

4. Handling the trust consignment of the personal information (only belongs to the education service)

The Company is entrusting the personal information as below for improvement of the service and is regulating the necessary content so that the personal information may be managed safely according to the related law enforcement when conducting an entrusting contract.

5. Possessing and using period of the personal information

The personal information of the user shall be disposed immediately when the purpose of collecting and using personal information are achieved. However, the below information shall be preserved for the stated period for below reasons.

A. Reason of sharing the information due to policy of the Company
- Record of unfair use
o Reason of preserving: Preventing the unfair use
o Period of preservation: 1 year
B. Reason of possessing the information due to related law enforcement
When there is a necessity to preserve the information according to regulation of the related law enforcement such as Commercial Law and Electronic Commerce etc. about protecting Consumer, the information about member shall be preserved during certain period in which is decided by the related law enforcement. In this case, the Company shall only use for the preserving the information and the period of preservation is stated as below.
- Record about contract or cancelling the subscription
o Reason of preserving: Law enforcement about Commercial Law etc. to protect consumers
o Period of preserving : 5 years
- Record about supplying payment and goods etc.
o Reason of preserving:: Law enforcement about Commercial Law etc. to protect consumers
o Period of preserving: 5 years
- Record about trading of electronic financial transaction
o Reason of preserving:: Electronic Financial Transaction Law
o Period of preserving: 5 years
- Record about complaints of consumers or processing the dispute
o Reason of preserving:: Law enforcement about Commercial Law etc. to protect consumers
o Period of preserving: 3 years
- Record about checking identification
o Reason of preserving:: Law enforcement about acceleration of using communication net work and protecting information
o Period of preserving: 6 months
- Record of visiting the website
o Reason of preserving:: Protecting Secret Communication Law
o Period of preserving 3 months

6. Disposal procedure and method of the personal information

The personal information of the user shall be disposed without a delay when the collection of personal information and purpose of using is achieved. The procedure of disposal of the Company and method are stated below.

A. Procedure of disposal
- The information in which the user has entered to register for the member is moved to the separate DB after achieving the goal (in the case of the paper, it is separate filing cabinet) and then disposed after being preserved for the certain period according to the reason of information preservation (refer to possessing and period of using) according to policy of information protection according to the other related law enforcement(refer to possession and period of using).
- The same personal information is not used toward purpose other than preserving as long as it is not because of the law enforcement.
B. Method of disposal
- The personal information which is entered on the paper shall be crushed through crusher or incineration.
- The personal information which was saved as the electronic file form shall be deleted by using the technical method of disabling the play of the record.

Described above "Handling Policy of the personal information of Altibase Co., Ltd" to agree.