Service Request Guide
The registration and SID are needed for service request. The SID can be checked via the menu called 'SID inquiry' from this website but for the contract customers only. If you are not a contract customer, you can still use our downloads and contents except service request. For any other inquiries, please contact us from the menu called product inquiry at the homepage
Customer Support Overview
We provide our clients with the most robust, actively-engaged support that this industry has to offer.
With offices all around the globe, we ensure real time, 24×7 support no matter where you are or wherever your data center is.
Instructions for partners of AEPP(Altibase Eco-Partner Program)
1) Partner account will be created by the sales team and given to you
2) Service request is available with AEPP partner account and does not require SID
3) For any other inquiries about the registration for customer support service portal
please contact us via the email